Pilates of Yuma

Balance... the secret to a healthy life

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Pilates Different?

Pilates utilizes specific breathing techniques to strengthen the deep torso muscles referred to as the core.  It also focuses on the stabilizing muscles, postural muscles and flexibility which helps to keep the body balanced which is essential to providing support for the joints and spine.  This type of movement creates body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement.

Is it safe for people with injuries?

The medical profession now recognizes Pilates as an effective way to strengthen the core in a low impact, safe manner.  It is safe for the joints and can help improve body mechanics.  Pilates has become a popular tool for the Physical Theraphy industry for a wide variety of injury treatments and is also recommended as continuing care for their patients.

Is Pilates effective for athletes?

Pilates is being used by professional athletes as a means to "crosstrain".  By strengthening the core muscles Pilates teaches the body more efficient and balanced movement as well as improves flexibility which helps to prevent injury.  Athletes who have better core strength are thought to have improved dynamic control of their movement known as "neuromuscular control" which has been linked to preventing injuries including ACL tears and ankle sprains.

I have a weight problem, will it help me?

Among the significant benefits of Pilates for plus size people is that exercises can be modified for different levels and physical needs.  It gradually increases the strength and coordination of the core muscles which support the spine and organs.  When the core is strong, alignment and posture improve, reducing stress on the joints and muscles.  Along with a healthy nutritional plan, Pilates is perfect for those who are seeking a happier, healthier life.