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Private Sessions:
1 Hour Private Session ~ $50
1/2 Hour Private Session ~ $30

This class takes the time to focus on the client's specific needs and custom design a program that is going to protect their body while building strength and agility.  Utilizing all of the traditional Pilates equipment while incorporating both other valuable techniques such as Active Integrated Stretch Therapy, BOSU balance trainer technique and Core Matwork. Each session is constructed with time to stretch, strengthen and tone your entire body. You will gain both strength and flexibility and experience the full range of the Pilates repertoire.  This option allows you complete freedom and control of your schedule.  You choose what time and how often you would like to come.  This program is ideal for a client who may have special physical or health needs that requires detailed attention to their progress.  With this package you have the choice of coming either 1 - 3 times per week and is perfect for those who want to regain their health and jump start their fitness routine.

 Duo Packages

$30 each per/session (package of 6 sessions)

Whether you are a husband and wife, mother/daughter, work out friends or golf buddies, this ‚Äúpartner approach" is a great way for you to motivate each other and get in shape while having a good time! This option is a great way to become proficient in the technique before moving on to group classes!


Sportsman Package: 
Golf, Baseball and Trap/Skeet Shooters
  • With the repetitive twisting that is used in these sports, overuse injuries in the spine and shoulders are common.  This customized program will improve your skill and reduce injury and back pain and by creating balance, strength and symmetry.

Pilates for Dancers:

  • The ideal supplemental training program for dancers.  Whether you are focusing on perfecting the stabilization of your turnout, strengthening, recovering from an injury or perfecting your craft, Pilates technique has been the the number one choice for premier dancers for over 80 years. 

The Therapeutic Program: Package Rates apply

  • Each program is custom designed to suit the physical needs and goals of the client. Custom exercise programs which incorporate both the use of the Pilates equipment and small equipment are effective in creating a safe rehabilitative program which can be carried into your every day life. This individualized program is perfect for those who suffer with chronic pain from past injuries, are recovering from post operative procedures or have special considerations such as osteoporosis.