Pilates of Yuma

Balance... the secret to a healthy life

Cindy Turrentine:

Cindy has been training local dancers in the Yuma community for over 3 decades.  She received her training at United States International University and holds professional teaching certifications with Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America.  She received her Pilates Certification in the Balanced Body Technique ® through the University of Las Vegas in 2014.  Turrentine's teaching career is relatively well known. However, her personal journey through injury, surgery and the rehabilitation process is not.  In 1998, Turrentine sustained an injury as a result of a pre-existing anatomical alignment flaw in her left knee.  That alignment issue ultimately resulted in five surgeries over a 15 year time span.  Throughout that process she used her training in anatomy and the dancers’ knowledge of symmetry and balance to assist her in the rehabilitative process.  She realized that to create the quality of life that she desired would take finding a form of rehabilitative exercise that would allow her to take control of her health and her life. Through research she found that Pilates was the only training system that focused on the stabilizing muscles of the joints as well as the core, spinal alignment and overall body strength and flexibility. Her profession and training along with her experiences as a patient have instilled in her a unique perspective. This perspective allows her to recognize and understand her clients physical needs, as well as the insight to provide them with the support and assistance they are searching for to improve the quality of their own lives.

Jennifer Vaughn:

Jennifer Vaughn is a fully certified STOTT Pilates™ Instructor Level II (2002) as well as a STOTT Pilates™ Instructor Trainer (2005) for Mat and Reformer. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce and Business Administration from The University of Alabama and is an ACE® Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  Jenn combines her passion and enthusiasm for STOTT Pilates™ and its many benefits with a detailed approach to instruction on all levels from post rehab and therapeutic clients to professional athletes and dancers as well as students of STOTT Pilates™ education courses and anyone in between. She possesses an in depth understanding of safe practice and will work with you to develop a Pilates program uniquely tailored to your life and fitness goals. Prepare to be energized, encouraged and to fall in love with the way your body moves as you integrate Pilates into your everyday life. When she is not teaching, she spends her time chasing around her two kids and playing by the ocean.  Applying her passion to enrich her clients’ lives through Pilates and movement is simply what she was meant to do!

Kelly Miller:

Kelly graduated with a degree in Special Education from Indiana University.  She spent the following seven years as a teacher in Indiana and North Carolina.  In 2011, after having taken time off to raise her two daughters she discovered Pilates and decided to explore another career path.  Kelly is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and Total Barre™ Qualified Instructor.  Her primary focus is to give people a positive movement experience and help them feel empowered in their own bodies.  Kelly teaches a steady-paced class encouraging clients to move mindfully as they connect into each exercise. When Kelly is not in the studio, she enjoys hiking, yoga, reading and spending time with her family. One of Kelly’s favorite tips for those new to Pilates is – “Honor the individual design of your body.”